Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Despite the cold.....

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom around here.  Today is freezing, and yesterday was raining.  I have been in a panic I am going to miss my chance to enjoy them.  

It is really cool today, but the sun is shining.  I loaded up the little's and headed to my favorite orchard this morning.  It was COLD....but we prevailed....

I am determined to enjoy these blossoms as much as possible over the short life span they are here.  


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The eggs are

It's that time of year.....

Let the Easter Egg dying begin....

Monday, April 14, 2014

City Island On A Sunday Evening

Last night....was big excitement.
Dad came home from a week long trip he had to take for work.  He got home and we were so so excited to him.  It was a long week for both Mike and me.  

I felt like I was non stop running shuffling kids to and from places last week and ..... 

Mike.....well he ended up at the ER in Chicago with a kidney stone.  When he got home, he was needles to say tired and fatigued from his long trip and all of his ailments.  So what do we do when we are tired, hungry, but don't want to cook or do dishes?

The "hospital" cafeteria awaits us with smiles, free food (he has built up quite a credit), no dishes, and the best view of the city.

Once we got home from the hospital Mike crashed.  I got my second wind because the weather was just gorgeous and I had no dishes to do.  The sunset was amazing. So on a whim I put Sammy to bed, loaded up my three oldest and headed to City Island.

 City island is only a few miles from my house, and is tiny island with a park, a baseball field, bike trails, and people of all sorts.  It kind of reminds me of "Liberty Park" in Salt Lake City, where I grew up.  There are all types of people everywhere, and it is always crowded when the weather is beautiful.  The sun sets and shines on the Susquehanna river....and it is always stunning.  Especially when the "sun" hasn't been shining all winter long.     

We didn't have much time at the island before the sun went down, and I bribed my kids with soda if they would just let me take a few pictures during the"golden light" hour.   We ran from spot to spot taking pictures, trying to make each other laugh, and be silly till we reached the edge of the island.  The sun was setting beautifully and the city lights were gorgeous.  I never did get the "perfect golden picture"  In the end however, all the pictures were just "perfect".....and summed up our night.  

We stayed at the island for a long time.  We experimented with pictures, threw rocks in the water, and just sat.  It was kind of one of those evenings.....I don't think any of us will forget.  It was just the four of us from the family.  IT was  a sweet little "Harrisburg" moment.  One that we will miss as the years go on.  I hope that we will remember.

After the sun went down, we quickly realized many people were clearing out.  I started getting a bit nervous.  Quietly we picked up our gear and ran across the entire island till we got safe and sound to our car.  We probably looked like quite the sight...the four of us running.  

The kids were EXHAUSTED when we got home.  It was perfect timing for bed.  
Just how us Mom's love it!  

I don't always feel adequate as Mother.  I often think there are a million and one things that I am not doing, or doing "too" much.  I have a million faults in the motherhood department and I am the first to admit.  The one thing I find peace in is knowing at the end of the day through the thick and thin my kids are with me on a million adventures.  Adventures big and small, through thick and thin.

There might be craziness involved, like us running from spot to spot with my yelling trying to "get just the right light", or running across an entire island a little late at night.  But in the end we have each kids and I.  They along with Mike are my "stability", my "comfort zone",  my "people". little flower water girl.  
We have yet to turn the water and hook the hose up.  

She is more diligent than her Mom.   

Catch Up

Oh...boy...when you don't blog for a few days, I feel like there is lots of catch up. A whole lot of little nothings that are always somethings to me.  If that makes any sense.  With the weather looking up around here it is amazing at the migration of people outside.  I have seen more neighbors the past few days...than I ever even knew existed.  We really had a harsh winter here.  I think it was harder on most of us than we would care to admit.  

I told Mike this morning......"hun....I think I am done with winters forever..... please consider this when we look at practices."   He just laughed.....

I was serious!

My friend Sara called me the other morning, and told me she was headed to a "gourd farm in Carlisle, Pennsylvania."  I never knew "gourd" farms I just had to go along for the ride with my littles.  It surely beat the alternative to stay home and clean.  

It was perfect weather (minus the wind), and I ALWAYS love an outing....especially with Sara.  
She is seriously the BEST.

So this is what a "Gourd" farm apparantly looks like.

My favorite part was this little "gnome" hut.  

These are the gourds dried.  I bought some egg shapes ones to paint.  I hope to get around to that .....

Not sure what was behind these doors....opening with caution.

Cath....being Cath....

My beautiful friend Sara ....(love her shades) and that we actually needed them.

and my Sam.  Along for the ride.  His latest song he won't stop singing is "Let it go"....from Frozen.  He sings and sings the three words he knows from the song over and over and over....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Neighborhood birthdays....

Our friend Austyn (Alyssa and Mikey's dear friend) had her birthday this past week.  We had to miss out on some of her celebrations so we decided....

to celebrate our own way.  

We had a front yard, cake eating, pizza loving, present opening party for a favorite little person.  

Getting REady for Easter.....

With Easter around the corner, my front porch pots were in need of some TLC.  With a few pansies, a bunch of twigs, and few and a few sprigs of what I already have.....this is what 
I came up with.  

Front porch planters.....DONE!!

I can honestly say Easter is MY favorite season.  It is just that "time" of year that represents to me "new" beginnings, fresh and clean, brightness, and LIFE.  

I love the colors, the smells....I LOVE it all.  

I am relishing in Pennsylvania this week with all of its sunshine.....we FINALLY got.