Thursday, February 26, 2015

Felt bows, wreaths and tea parties

I have been in a bow making, decorating, tea party kind of mood this week.  I found a bow tutorial on pinterest and made these felt bows the other day. I love how they turned out.  I have been making quite a few.  My house has been looking like a bow manufacturing catastrophe the past couple of days.    

It is far from Easter however this wreath on my door begs to differ.  It was my Mom's and every time I walk in my door I get to think of her.  I love it!!

Catherine and her stuffed buddies....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I have weeks here and there where I feel like I could write a novel.  The happenings of life are plentiful, drama is present, and I just have to roll with the punches.  

Our drama over the past 2 weeks:

Car transmission died!
My husband and Mikey literally running our car through a wall in our house....(story for another day)!
A trip to the Emergency room with Mikey for severe severe stomach pains~
A Virus on my computer system!~
Major cold and flu running through our house!
Breaking a friends photo light, which lead to me swearing in front of the entire group of Young Woman!

Just keeping it real around here.  
On the up side....

New Beginnings was such a great night and the invites and gifts I worked on turned out with success!
The weather here is DREAMYYYYYY!  
I had three different extremely kind people bring me dinner/and or cookies to cheer me on through the past weeks craziness!
My husband professed his love despite walls literally crashing in around us!
I received $500 from a farm in Idaho I didn't realize I had ownership in!
Mikey is feeling much much better, and despite not knowing the cause of pain he is definitely on the up and up.  

It has been one of those weeks I want to forget, but reminisce 5 years from now.  

New beginnings invites...

Theme we used....

Gifts made.....modge podge, wood, and anchors.....can't go wrong.

In the meantime the simple pleasures of kids playing and bubbles make me happy, keep it real, and remind me of what is truly the most important!

Monday, February 9, 2015

In between Disneyland, company, and camelback  I was able to sneak in some family pictures of a good friend of mine from Salt Lake this past weekend.  We grew up in the same parts of Salt Lake, and attended college together.  She happens to be one of my cousins best friends as well.  A small world.  I love this spunky darling Kristen, and it has been so much fun to re connect with her.  Her daughters and family is wonderful.  I was thrilled to take her daughters pictures before her baptism.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Disneyland and the Weekend.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Deanne and I found out about a deal.  We love a good deal, and both were up for the adventure.  It was a good deal on Disneyland, with certain dates that tickets had to be used.  We jumped at the chance and headed down to California Disney 5 1/2 hours away (so close!!!) 

Mike and her husband both work at the same hospital and held down the fort at home.  It was the first time for my kids to go to Disney in California, and my first time at California Adventure.  We took full advantage of 75 degree weather and NO LINES due to the measle epidemic scare.  We are all immunized so we risked it!  

 It was a trip we will never forget!  

Sammy is smiling so big in this picture actually looks like he is crying!  
His favorite was PLUTO ....over Mickey and all.  
He hasn't let go of his "doggie" since we have gotten home from the trip.  Mike is a bit thrilled he has traded his purple my little pony for pluto in hand. 

A bit bright for some......

5 years old is a pretty cute age for Disney......

We packed a lot of our food....but couldn't resist our two favorites, corndogs and ice cream cones. Disneyland corndogs and  Ghiradelli icecream cones are the best.  These faces.....say it all.  We were there from opening to close for two of the days.  Hence.....a yummy treat was almost as exciting as Disney itself!

Of all the rides.....Sams FAVORITE was the horse carousal.  He loves horses!!!  

A little selfie just before the Disney Parade!  I was as enamored as the kids! 

I loved all the bright colors and little rides.  

How can we not get a picture with Donald...

Sam didn't want to stop hugging Olaf!

He is going through an extra snuggly, kissy phase.....

and we are all eating it up.  

We took full advantage of everything we could, so by day three and a half we were all ready to come home.  That is until I started doing laundry......

We came home to company visiting us the very next day.  It was great to catch up with some of Mike's fellow Box Elder Bee friends from high school.  Mitch and Angie came down to stay with us for the weekend.  

 What better way to entertain these two die hard runners/athletes than to climb Camel back.  It was my first time.  And I am......

sore!!  It was beautiful, cool weather, and fun to spend time and catch up. 

 A new view of our new home (Mesa) from the top of camel back with old friends. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yard Sale.....Scottsdale Style

My car has been in the shop this week.  Although car problems are never fun it has forced me to be "home" more!  It has been raining more than usual for Arizona, and has felt cozy.  I had plans yesterday to organize all day while my kids were at school and I had no choice to go anywhere without transportation.  However, when my friend Debbie called to inform of a designer yard sale in Scottsdale I immediately dropped all responsibility and motivation to stay home and organize.  I headed out the door to the sale practically in pj's.   

It was interior decorator Jamie Rose who is based out of Scottsdale.  She had beautiful fabrics, lamps, rugs and all for fractions of retail cost.  It was truly a yard sale of great proportions.  I walked away with this 9x6 kilim rug.....

The picture above from my iphone doesn't do it justice.  I will have to post more at a later date.  It goes perfectly in my piano/sun room.  Similar rugs are found on Furbish Studio for $900.  I paid 10 percent of its retail cost.  I love a good deal, a great treasure, and always a treasure hunt.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Often when I watch my own children brings back a flood of memories from my own childhood.  I remember playing make believe A LOT and loving every moment.  Catherine and Sammy are particularly at a stage they are enjoying imaginative play.  

Cath......has her own salon apparently from our back patio.  

She has her phone and cell near at all times during her "salon" hours.  Her little vase with flowers is my personal favorite touch.  After all.... your work space needs some decorating:)  

Sammy is her side kick with a cozy blanket always near.  My kids and BLANKETS.  I thought I would escape the blanket obsession once we moved to a warm climate.  I was wrong.

Cath pretending she is a gardener.  This girl has her work cut out for her....

On a side note I went to one of my personal favorite stores this week.  IKEA always seems to have and know just what I NEED and always for good deals!   I am in love with this new textile pattern for spring.  I am quite sure I bought every item the print was used on including pillow covers, a twin duvet, place mats, and beach towels.  

Truly.....I just can't resist the color combo.  

I am so happy it is the weekend.  There is something about the weekend so calming!  

Monday, January 26, 2015

oh....the places you go.

I have been recognizing how the places you have been lead you to the places you should be.  Our family recently made a big decision.  Mike  took a job in Mesa with the hospital he is currently working at.  It was a heavily weighed decision that we spent countless hours pondering over.  A list of pros and cons were a mile long, and no one answer was perfect.  However, in the end we feel peace.  Peace is what I crave for in this life, and peace is what we have felt about the decision to stay in Arizona.  

Mike and I never thought Arizona would be a place we would call home if asked 12 years ago when we met.  The sure answer was Utah.  Life was different.  We had not experienced 10 years of Mike's medical training, five moves, four kids, loss of loved ones, exhaustion in the journey, and joy in doing "hard and new" things.  Some of our very closest friends in Pennsylvania were from Arizona.  We started hearing a lot about the strong family values and great place it was to live.  

There were many days in Pennsylvania where I craved for three things family, sunshine, and a place with strong family values prevalent similar to the ones I had grown up with.  The humid weather and long winters began to weigh more heavily on me over the years in Pennsylvania.  The fact that we didn't have a garage, couldn't afford vacations, and lived in an quaint but older drafty house added to my distaste for long winters.  However because we experienced life the way we did it led us to make a decision we feel good about.  Had we not moved away to Harrisburg for  ten years I am quite certain we would not be here in Arizona.  I really believe that events in your life lead you to where you are suppose to go.  

We feel a purpose and plan here in Arizona.  It is something unexplainable....but a strong feeling nonetheless.  It doesn't completely make sense considering over half of our family and most extended family live in Utah.  However, in my heart and my husbands it makes sense to be here now.  The moment we drove across the Arizona state line we had a strong feeling of being "home".  That comfortable feeling is peace.  The sunshine and desert surroundings surprisingly have brought peace to my soul that I didn't expect.  I believe life doesn't always take you to the places you think it will, but it will lead you to lessons you are suppose to learn.  

I have moments of  pangs and longings for Utah.  I have moments when I feel like I am being disloyal to my roots by living away.  However those moments are fleeting when I realize Utah is a days drive away, the sun is shining often here, and my kids life is filled with laughter and happiness in friendships they have already created.  Life is not perfect by any sense of the imagination.  A quote I heard recently that makes me smile rather than the "Grass is always greener" goes....  "The grass is actually brown on both sides of the fence, it is up to us to water it."  

Cheers to making decisions big and small.  Cheers to making the most of situations at hand.  Cheers to recognizing the places we have been can always influence our decisions for the future.  We learn from both the good and the bad!