Sunday, October 26, 2014

Set Up

My assistant helping me set up for a photo shoot.....

got a few photos of her own.

I love my little almost ten year old.  She is just growing up before my eyes!!!

Halloween Party!

It has been quite a busy, and laughter filled weekend.  
The laughter began Friday evening.  

My good friend Heather planned a Halloween party I will not soon forget.  I just so happened to be lucky enough to receive an invite because I offered my trusty camera.  I was hired and deemed the "party" photographer.  Photo booth and all folks...

I learned something about my friend Heather this past weekend....she is a is paaaarrrrty planner.

Don't let this picture fool you......she is hilarious!!!!:) One of the funniest people I have truly ever met!   

  Some good times were had by all who attended. Costumes were required, children not invited, and dancing/karoake.......well


And yes.....this is my husband.....dancing the night away!

Oh the pictures.....I have taken of these friends of mine. 
I am pretty sure some of them call for some serious black mail.  

I have like 600 photos to go through....

Phoenix Temple Open House

Know it, Live it, Love it!  

 I love being a Mormon!   I love the Temple!  This past weekend my family got to go through the brand new Phoenix Temple.   It was the first time that my entire little family was inside the Temple all at once.  

The Temple open house is a time before the temple is dedicated that anyone.....Mormon or not....that you can go through and see what the building looks like.  

The building is beautiful, but more than the beauty of the building.....the strength that I gain and peace that I feel when I go to the Temple is irreplaceable.  It was such an honor to be some of the first to walk through this significant place of worship.  It is a memory with my children I will not soon forget.   

 Slippers are worn not for any symbolism, but to keep the carpet clean from all of the visitors that pass through.  

This sweet little face....

masses of people.....

Catherine and her toothless grin is my favorite...

My girls....

Sammy.....ALWAYS on the MOVE!

Intricate details and design throughout....

Still not use to this spring like weather here in OCTOBER...

The beautiful clear skies here are the perfect backdrop of the Temple Spiral....


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

When Bec and the girls come to town!

The best part of living away from family is....

When they come to visit!!!

I think there is such a bond that happens when family visits family living away.  My kids have anticipated Aunt Becca and her girls coming to visit for over a month.  We had it on a calendar, on a post-it on the fridge, in my phone, in Alyssa's room, and it was mentioned in conversations daily.  

You get the drift! My kids LOVE family and I am always amazed at the bond even my babies always recognize!     

My sister Bec and her three girls came to visit, and were our first guest in our little Casita.  
We of course enjoyed great food, shopping, and conversations across the board.  There is always much to catch up on with girls in the house.   

We prepared for the special guests with much anticipation.  

I used my favorite tablecloth and goods to try and impress....
I am hopeful if I am a decent host, I might continue to get more visitors:)  

I used my new favorite pink goblets I purchased from a thrift shop. 

They were sweet and appeased me with a photo shoot.....head wreaths and all.  

Goodness are they a fun group to take pictures of.  

Those eyes......JUST LIKE MY MOM's!