Monday, September 29, 2014

Mikey......AKA.......Robin Hood

His new favorite hero. 
 He watched an entire 6 series Robin Hood TV version on Netflix in a record 3 day time period.  For about a week after the series I heard nothing but him wanting a "real" bow and arrow.  This Mikey knows what he wants, and when he wants something.....he is serious!  

Fortunately for Mikey his Dad made it happen this weekend with a PVC pipe and instructions from the Internet!  

I must say.....we we were all impressed.  

My modern day hunter and gatherer!:)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Free People Tent

Catherine got this darling tent for her birthday to share with her sister and Mom....

For Glamping // Free People Alite x Free People Tent

A floral Free People Tent!  One of my all time favorite purchases EVER!  
Not only is it adorable...but completely practical and easy to use!


Friday, September 26, 2014

A Happy Birthday Serenade......

Catherine's face says it all!  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warm Light, and Girl Nights.

I was invited to "pie" night with a few woman from my neighborhood and church.  There were 8 of us at a round table. 

My first impression of each of these woman: happy, at ease, put together, unaffected by worries, warm, inviting, charming.  

Things I learned about each of these woman by the end of the night..... 

One of the woman had suffered the loss of a child
One woman had a son who was autistic
One woman had a child diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a year ago, he just finished treatment
One woman came from a family who suffers from  multiple addictions, 
One woman had given birth to a baby with down syndrome, found at birth

I sat in amazement as I learned each of their stories.  I am amazed at these woman's strength, courage, beauty, peace, and honesty in dealing with these struggles.  

As woman and friends we need each other, we need our faith, and we need each others stories to share and be heard.  

Last night I hosted a little gathering of woman from church at my house.  
There is something so warm and inviting about fall nights.....even in Arizona.  It doesn't feel like fall in Arizona, but last night there was a touch and hint of coziness in my house. 

Gold, cream, coral, and orange are always on my top list of colors for fall.

I always love an excuse to buy a few fresh somethings....

 My new coffee table  I found at a local thrift shop....

The above just reminds me of home......

A perfect fall accent chair I found at a local estate sale.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

MOre from the tent set up......

I am quite sure the set up and anticipation of the party is going to be more exciting than the actual event.  It is all about the prep.....with these kids of mine.  

Cath's party .........Glamping style.....

Getting ready for a birthday......


Glamping it up around here.  I have been inspired by all of the pins I have pinned for "fancy" camping!  Alyssa, Catherine and I spent the afternoon.....jimmy rigging a tent and decorating a camp theme birthday party for Catherine.  

We have two days for this contraption to stay up.  Thank goodness for calm winds scheduled over the next couple of days......

I am quite impressed with our girl scout capabilities......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


While Mike was working this past weekend I loaded up the kids for a little vacation to visit favorite people in our lives....

Uncle Billy and Aunt Abby!  

It was a trip to always cherish.  There were many reasons why it was memorable and special.  

Some of the highlights for us.....  

Staying with Billy and Abby being......first guests as newlweds.
  They helped make us feel so incredibly welcome and special.  They are the perfect hosts!

Stopping at fantastic outlets in palm springs.  We traded in our east coast top siders for vans.  The kids each got a pair.
Making it to the beach well before sunset while catching up with my new sister in law.
Watching the kids LOVE the OCEAN just like I did when I was there age.

Eating pizza from a yummy local pizza spot.

Watching nightly movies including a favorite ...Swiss Family Robinson
Feeding ducks and turtles at a park near Billy and Abby's apartment.  Watching Billy try to convince us all that the turtles and ducks like lettuce:). He ended up making a bread run and saved the day once again.

Spending 6 hours straight at the beach.

Watching Mikey swim for the entire 6 hours minus the 20 minutes he spent burried in the sand.

Going to visit Uncle Billy's work at FOX studio....still can't get over he has an office 100 feet away from Rupert Murdock.

Watching Abby play with Sammy and humor his animal obsession.

Recreating an Edwards family tradition of 7$ at grocery store to spend on whatever you want for dinner....not excluding ANYTHING.

Ending up at a beautiful park in Beverly Hills to enjoy our grocery store goods.  
Attending Billy and Abby's church.  

I am so grateful for chances to visit and be visited by family nearby.