Friday, January 30, 2015

Often when I watch my own children brings back a flood of memories from my own childhood.  I remember playing make believe A LOT and loving every moment.  Catherine and Sammy are particularly at a stage they are enjoying imaginative play.  

Cath......has her own salon apparently from our back patio.  

She has her phone and cell near at all times during her "salon" hours.  Her little vase with flowers is my personal favorite touch.  After all.... your work space needs some decorating:)  

Sammy is her side kick with a cozy blanket always near.  My kids and BLANKETS.  I thought I would escape the blanket obsession once we moved to a warm climate.  I was wrong.

Cath pretending she is a gardener.  This girl has her work cut out for her....

On a side note I went to one of my personal favorite stores this week.  IKEA always seems to have and know just what I NEED and always for good deals!   I am in love with this new textile pattern for spring.  I am quite sure I bought every item the print was used on including pillow covers, a twin duvet, place mats, and beach towels.  

Truly.....I just can't resist the color combo.  

I am so happy it is the weekend.  There is something about the weekend so calming!  

Monday, January 26, 2015

oh....the places you go.

I have been recognizing how the places you go lead you to the places you should be.  Our family recently made a big decision.  Mike  took a job in Mesa with the hospital he is currently working at.  It was a heavily weighed decision that we spent countless hours pondering over.  A list of pros and cons were a mile long, and no one answer was perfect.  However, in the end we feel peace.  Peace is what I crave for in this life, and peace is what we have felt about the decision to stay in Arizona.  

Mike and I never thought Arizona would be a place we would call home if asked 12 years ago when we met.  The sure answer was Utah.  Life was different.  We had not experienced 10 years of Mike's medical training, five moves, four kids, loss of loved ones, exhaustion in the journey, and joy in doing "hard and new" things.  Some of our very closest friends in Pennsylvania were from Arizona.  We started hearing a lot about the strong family values and great place it was to live.  

There were many days in Pennsylvania where I craved for three things family, sunshine, and a place with strong family values prevalent similar to the ones I had grown up with.  The humid weather and long winters began to weigh more heavily on me over the years in Pennsylvania.  The fact that we didn't have a garage, couldn't afford vacations, and lived in an quaint but older drafty house added to my distaste for long winters.  However because we experienced life the way we did it led us to make a decision we feel good about.  Had we not moved away to Harrisburg for  ten years I am quite certain we would not be here in Arizona.  I really believe that events in your life lead you to where you are suppose to go.  

We feel a purpose and plan here in Arizona.  It is something unexplainable....but a strong feeling nonetheless.  It doesn't completely make sense considering over half of our family and most extended family live in Utah.  However, in my heart and my husbands it makes sense to be here now.  The moment we drove across the Arizona state line we had a strong feeling of being "home".  That comfortable feeling is peace.  The sunshine and desert surrounds surprisingly have brought peace to my soul that I didn't expect years ago.  I believe life doesn't always take you to the places you think it will, but it will lead you to lessons you are suppose to learn.  

I have moments of and pangs of longing for Utah.  I have moments when I feel like I am being disloyal to my roots by living away.  However those moments are fleeting when I realize Utah is a days drive away, the sun is shining often here, and my kids life is filled with laughter and happiness in friendships they have already created.  Life is not perfect by any sense of the imagination.  A quote I heard recently that makes me smile rather than the "Grass is always greener" goes....  "The grass is actually brown on both sides of the fence, it is up to us to water it."  

Cheers to making decisions big and small.  Cheers to making the most of situations at hand.  Cheers to recognizing the places we have been can always influence our decisions for the future.  We learn from both the good and the bad!  

Happy MONDAY!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You know those friends......

Those amazing friends that are loyal through and through.....good to the core.....inspiring and simply hillarious.  Those are the best kind.

This girl is the best, and she came to visit us this past weekend.  How lucky am I to have her in my life.  She is even a good enough friend to get dressed up and let me take pictures of her in the hood of Phoenix.  

Life surely is grand with cute Amer.

Those Pulley genes........some serious good ones:)  

Contagious laugh, and I am pretty sure we laughed the ENTIRE weekend!  

My fashionista friend who encouraged me through example to step it up a notch at Last Chance.  

She is the best! We miss her already, but are so grateful we live close enough to friends and family who get to visit us in sunny skies during the winter months.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Mom, and Grandmothers taught me infinite lessons.  One of the lessons they taught me was how to host a party.  An important concept they ingrained in my being for entertaining was to use natural items and decor that were "in season".

I am having a luncheon tomorrow and ORANGES are definitely in season.  Therefore I am hosting an "orange" inspired luncheon.....and love the bright colors.  I will share my menu when I get thus far.  I of course always seem to focus first on the decorating.  

I used kumquat for the bottom of the mason jars....they are everywhere down here.  

I am thrilled my vintage antique wing back gets good use.   

I recently found these darling mini glasses addition from Anthropologie on 40 percent off clearance.  

Trader Joe's always has the best flowers around here....

I get to use my new favorite plates my Aunt Becky gave me for Christmas.  She has the BEST taste!   

Succulents are a plenty in these neck of the woods...

Orchids are  too...

I can't help but pull out some hot pink around here.....   

This little face says it all while I am busy with entertaining preps:)  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Something about stripes in January!

There is something about stripes in January.....that just simply make me happy!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

A few more.....

A few more pictures from this weekend.  
Sam my man ready for church with a bow tie and of course a horse in hand. These little animals save me during church.  

Cath.....always accessorizing a bit overboard.....(shshshsh don't tell her) and almost always carrying around a Nutella sandwhich..... her diet staple.  

A Mom and Cath picture because we both happen to be wearing our favorite color.  

Our graduation party for the Ofrett family.  Dean recently graduated with his law degree.  He already had a few others.....why not add:)  

My kids are all about making banners.  

We love good friends, and long weekends.  This past weekend was just not quite long enough!  

This morn.....

This morning I was busy cleaning and doing laundry first thing.  Mondays are always catch up from the weekend on the home front.  The doors were open, and Sammy was busy playing and singing.  Five minutes into my cleaning .....I noticed it was much too quiet.  Quiet and Sammy don't usually happen these days unless trouble is brewing.  I went outside to make sure everything was ok.  This was what I found.....

Except he was  halfway down our street in the middle of the road.  I frantically ran after him yelling......looking like a crazy woman.  It was one of those aweful motherhood moments.  However after scolding for moments in the street I asked him "Sammy.....where are you going?"  He replied with big tears in his eyes....."I was just going to find Sissa and Mikey at school".  

This little boy just wants to be big......

My to keep him little as long as possible. 

while enjoying every moment of it.  

Don't let the dress fool you with Cath....

She is quite the little dare devil on a skateboard.

Of course with Sammy always trying to help.  

 I have so much to catch up with blogging.........but these pictures capture my life as of late with these cute little faces.  They are my permanent buddies!