Thursday, December 18, 2014

Arizona Christmas Dinner

  Tonight we celebrated our Arizona Christmas Eve, and Alyssa's birthday!  It was a beautiful crisp Arizona winter evening.  

My favorite party thus far of the season.....! 

The Sumko family Christmas party with just the 6 of us.   

The menu included Edward's chicken and broccoli casserole, rolls, carrots, potatos, sparkling cider, and cheesecake!  

The birthday girl, who wanted to be all DRESSed up for the party!  

A winterish cake...

banners of course (I am obsessed).  Now that I have a darling paper store a mile is trouble...

These two buddies...

The birthday girl chair.  she made sure it was decorated.  

My antique candelabra's.....I get more use out of these......

and of course a few poinsetta's.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Card Ready!

One of my friends had this idea for her Christmas card.....
I was lucky enough to photograph it....

Darling little trio!  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Poinsetta's and a Sick Day....

Yesterday was a sick day.  Catherine was home sick all day and Sam and I were pretending!  During my "sick" day I was able to just focus on decorating.  My favorite decor this year are Poinsetta's

Poinsetta's are my new "MUM" for Arizona!  Mum's in Pennsylvania always made my day.  Poinsetta's have that same effect!  They seem to be EVERWHERE this time of year here in Arizona.  

A cute little Elf welcoming all at the front door.

My "sick" girl watering.  Dillegent...even in times of sickness:)  

Always my favorite piece in  my EVERY season!  This dresser was my Mom's!  

Tis the Season.....:) !!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beautiful spot .........

 I never envisioned Arizona scenery as REALLY beautiful....but this picture proves differently!  The Desert and it's surrounding really are breathtaking.  We passed coyotes, and a road runner on the way to this beautiful spot.  


I have heard about the famous Rosa' restaurant since about the first time I met someone from Mesa.  It is a Mesa landmark for good family style Mexican food.  About the time we moved here the infamous Rosa's closed due to fire damage.  The owners decided to close it down.  A family down the street from us decided to seize the day and open it back up.  They opened it with a similar and still incredibly delicious menu.  I had a chance to take pictures of Rosa's for marketing campaign.

Spanish style, and bright colors are a great combination.  

This past weekend.

A little black and white that captures some of the wonderful family company we had this past weekend.  It was an exciting event.....Mikey getting baptized.  We felt so much love and support from family and friends.  A memorable day with love and inspiration!  

Friday, December 5, 2014

When Grandma Sumko comes to town....

There are many words to describe our wonderful Grandma Sumko. the top on the lists.  Without any words, if, and or buts.....she is a worker bee whenever she visits.  I LOVE it.  She tackles all those projects I dread or would rather get to......later.  Almost the minute she walks in my door she is up to her ears in my laundry, cleaning out my fridge, or stocking up my freezer full of Sumko traditional favorites.  

Grandma Sumko got here just last night.  This time she came.....I was prepared.  I had a caramel apple recipe I have been dying to try.  My friend DeAnne taught me the "trick" in making the "perfect" caramel apple.      

Today we tackled a few dozen apples (it seemed).  The recipe seems to be fool proof.  A new family favorite.  I think I have finally done it.  

I have broken into the Sumko family recipe book!:)  

The recipe:

1 cup butter
4 cups brown sugar
2 cups light Karo syrup
2 cups sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp. vanilla

Melt butter; add remaining ingredients except vanilla.  Bring to a boil.  Insert a good candy thermometer and boil until it reaches 226 degrees, stirring occasionally for about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.  Let caramel cool while you prepare the apples for dipping

Use dowel rods and using a hammer gently pound into bottom side of apple. 
Let caramel cool for about 10 minutes after heated to 226.
Once you dip apple into caramel make sure you twist and hold apple for about 4 minutes....(seems like forever) so all the excess caramel drips off
Once dipped into caramel and partly dry after holding......roll or sprinkle on toppings.  
Immediately place in the refrigerator.