Monday, August 29, 2016

I believe that God really does know the details of our lives.  The other day it was kind of a rough day.  I was tired, the kids weren't listening.  I kind of just felt alone this particular day.  I said a little prayer in my heart that somehow I might just not feel so alone.  

I got a knock at the front door and it was the sister missionaries from my ward.  I was kind of tired, and it was busy.  For a moment I almost thought about not letting them in.  I kind of begrudgingly let them in my house to be honest.  Within five minutes of them entering my home....I was already in a bit of a better mood.  They were.... just there to visit.  It was hot outside and I was happy to feel like I could help host them for a moment break.

However, in reality they came not to get a drink and have me help them, but the opposite.  They pulled out their scriptures and asked if they could share it with me.  What they shared was  EXACTLY what I needed.  It lifted and strengthened me.  

God knows the details of our lives.  Today was a particular day that I need to be reminded of that!  With that being said.  

I am grateful for Sundays and Sundays with this girl.....

growing up before my eyes!

This picture reminds me how much of her Dad she has in her....

Love a man in a seersucker suit.  He really is my constant and always believes the best in me.  

My little rag a muffin today.  We seem to alternate days lately who gets dressed or him....Today it happened to me.  


Love my peops and how they help strengthen and believe in me.  They are just what I need.      Grateful for my husband and kids.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My friend called me and was in need of some quick pictures for her son's campaign running for Freshman Class President.  She is so creative and is one of those people that could pretty much run the world, or at least a country, or get the drift.  She has been in the hospital with her Mom who recently had open heart surgery.  Her son reminded her that by morning he needed posters for his campaign.  The slogan he chose was "take a Stance vote Roc for President"
Stance socks are a big deal in these parts of it was a perfect pun with words.  

I met her an hour later at the high school for a mini photo shoot

 ......this is what we came up with ....burning the midnight oil....

I love a last minute challenge!  

A few more because the lighting was just so perfect! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hosted a little lunch today with Deanne, her Mom and sisters.....these dalias were at Trader Joe's.  

A little bright and cheery!  

  I have loved these Serena and Lily counter stools for a long time, but waited for just the right time to purchase.  LOVE THEM and definitely worth the wait!    

One of my best friends daughters is getting baptized this weekend.  I was lucky enough to take her baptism photos.  Portraits are by far and away my favorite!  
She is so beautiful!  

It was raining for about half a we had to get an umbrella shot!  

I think her Mom will be happy how they turned out!  I love a great photo shoot!   

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Although Sunday's are suppose to be a day of rest, they are definitely a day of action around here.  We try hard to keep things different on Sunday's and keep the sabbath day holy.  We like to have a special family Sunday dinner, we enjoy time together and always go to church.  However, these two sitting quietly for longer than ten minutes can be especially difficult.  Today was one of those days......

when sitting.....  

was unusually hard.  

Taking a deep breath before she went to sneak more makeup.  

Although they were unusually on the active side today, I am grateful for the friendship these two share with each other.  Catherine is more than happy to take charge of this little guy.    

I am quite sure my days of holding Sam are coming down to the end.  This picture is sure to attest.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

They say your eyes are a window to your soul.....and this guy has got some big baby blues to see right through.  

A sweet soul for miles on end.....

Silly Sam.....

 We finally decided and purchased some outdoor furniture.  We now actually have a place to sit outdoors.  

Just in time for monsoon season which we actually LOVE around here.  A little desert storm in the eves does the the heart some good!  

My cute fish of a boy.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A favorite part of being a mother is - just when you don't think your child could be any more cute......

They just are~!